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Every organization can participate. This way we reach as many people as possible together.

The following conditions apply to become a partner of Anti-Corruption Business Coalition:

Rules for Participation as Partners

  • The organization has to submit its willingness to become a partner of the Anti-Corruption Business Coalition by fulfilling and sending its registration via the form above ”Register as Partner”.
  • ICC Macedonia, the initiator and organizer, is responsible for the confirmation of partners;
  • The Partner of Anti-Corruption Business Coalition develops one or more initiatives for their employees and / or external relations during the specific Week. Initiatives should aim at raising awareness, sharing knowledge and promoting ethical behavior. The partner ensures that this initiative is mentioned in the registration form and confirmed accordingly by the organizer;
  • During and in the run-up to Integrity Week, partners carry the Integrity Week logo and promote the Week and their initiatives through their website and communication channels;
  • Initiatives are mentioned on the website, unless explicitly requested otherwise by the partner;
  • The Anti-Corruption Business Coalition logo is not a hallmark and cannot be used to sell services and / or products. Initiatives during or under the logo of the Week of Integrity cannot have commercial or political purposes;
  • Target group for the Anti-Corruption Business Coalition are considered companies, domestic and international organizations, public institutions, academia, civil society organization and any other body willing to promote integrity and ethical behavior from a non-commercial point of view;
  • Participation in the Week of Integrity is based on closed partnerships. However, organizations and partners are free to support the final conference as a sponsor. To do this, contact ICC Macedonia, the initiator and organizer.


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